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VIVA 22 dba Texavision  the digital division of TV pro, the premier Spanish-language media company in Texas , announced the launch of its newest project  h town TV transmitting  online and mobile TV sites in a top Hispanic market.

“This initiative strengthens our overall local media offerings, as Interactive plays an important role in the ongoing transformation of our local media business and in our long-term growth strategy,”

This is part of Texavision’s  ongoing effort to drive growth on the local level, as well as enhance user experiences and maximize engagement and traffic across all its digital platforms. Local website enhancements will consist of relevant and interactive content including more video and photo offerings with improved functionality, social media integration and easier navigation. Each site will have an upgraded publishing tool that simplifies the development and delivery of content across all of viva 22  Interactive Media’s local sites. Branding of local stations will also be more prominent on each site, including unique station URLs In addition to the new online and mobile sites that have already launched in Houston and New York.

The initiative has already begun, and will continue through the end of the year.

“These new sites are an integral step in providing our viewers with a comprehensive and fully engaging local interactive experience that further strengthens our connection with 2nd generation Hispanics at the community level,” said Walter Rosenthal . “These enhancements will grow our audience and engagement, while allowing us to better serve our advertisers and partners with expanded features and a stronger platform through which to reach our valuable audience.” Was re establish by daughter Jessica ann. Rosenthal.

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