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Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization Services and Promotion

Web Page Optimization . . . Keyword Research (call for pricing) - Picking the right keywords is important. Picking the right keywords that have the fewest number of competitors is critical. Where those keywords are placed within the web page can mean the difference between being listed in the top 10 and not showing up at all. Most Search Engines use formulas to ensure the information they are displaying is what the visitor wants. We subscribe to services that keep us abreast of the current formulas and which search engines are most popular.

Web Page Optimization or Search Engine Optimization is all about placing keywords in such a way as to increase your ranking in the Search Engines. We work with you to develop a list of the best keywords and then perform analysis to determine which keywords will result in the most visitors. Last but certainly not least, each page is modified to promote the importance of the content within. We even recommend content that will be helpful to your visitors for additional search engine listing results.

What do I need to do to boost my Online Business?

Need for Boosting Online Businesses..................

Getting your site listed in the Search Engines is the next most important step you can take once the site is open for business. We begin the process for you by submitting your site to all of the major search engines and starting the Google AdWords process. We can even help your site get to the top or near the top of the list.

If you want to boost your online business then you must have a good website. Your website appearance is the difference of converting website visitors into customers. Candidly speaking, most of the visitors prefer the websites to ensure a good presentation and "straight to the point" information. A professional website design is one that offers information to cure a customer's curiosity and has a cutting edge style. .

Bronze Custom Search Engine Optimization Package (Call for pricing) - Deposit Due at Signing

This is an option to those who are seeking a Keyword specialization Website Promotion.

This Web Promotion package includes:

This package DOES NOT include registration fees for the pay-to-list or pay-per-click search engine service. This is a generic keyword optimization on Search engines. This option will draw visitors from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Lycos, AltaVista, AOL Web Sites, AskJeeves, HotBot, IWon, Netscape, and Open Directory.

Silver Custom Search Engine Optimization Package (Call for pricing) - Deposit Due at Signing

This is an option to those who are seeking an Upgrade from the Bronze Package.

This Web Promotion package includes:

This package offers the pay-per-click conversions on the best of the top search engines. We will enhance your "Visibility" on the internet to ensure the most promising results. With this package, we will include Promotion Campaign services for you to choose. We will market your landing site through multiple resources allowing the conversion results to analyze the success rate.

Gold Custom Search Engine Optimization Package (Call for pricing) - Deposit Due at Signing

This is an Option to those who are seeking an Upgrade from the Silver Package

This Web Promotion package includes:

This package focuses on the top search engines and website that account for over 90% of visitor traffic. We partner with tracking services to monitor and measure search engine popularity according to the statistical data received. We will reveal those statistics to you and explain their significance as we develop a plan specifically for your site. We c can create a campaign to ensure your landing site will be on front pages of search engines with keyword specialization per market. With our Gold package, you can always choose various Promotional Services such as TV, Radio, and more to enhance your popularity.

If you truly want your site to succeed in the search engines, a major part of your success contributes from your SEO & Marketing strategy.

The fastest way to increase your notoriety is to provide the public consumption with something they can easily search and find. Let us help you provide the kind of site & service to fulfill the public's demand with high quality. Let us help you expand your business as far as you wish to go.

We specialize in Internet, Television and Radio.

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