Texavision Digital Broadcast Station can increase exposure while simplifying the management of your advertising.

We have coverage of various production outlets within the media entity. We offer opportunities for all clients to reach the goals they desire. If you are seeking to grow your career and/or expand within the media business, we are always accepting:

TV Show content and ideas

Movies/Films content

Music content

Advertisement content


Hosted Events

We are able to distribute provided content on our Networks and Affiliates according to the client's satisfactory. Within our network, we can offer the following platforms to our clients/partners:

Television Channels:

We can host your content on our television (non-cable) HD channels in multiple cities including Houston, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Radio Coverage:

We can host your content on our Radio Affiliates with AM and FM coverage

Downloadable Apps:

We can host your content on our Apps with CPI (Cost Per Impression) integration, giving Pay Per Viewer Benefits! (or we can DEVELOP your OWN App TODAY! Call for Pricing)

We have so much to offer for Clients seeking Advertisement/Air-Play/Media Services or for Partners seeking Sponsorships! Call US TODAY to see how we can help you! (713) 266-1301 or Fill Out the Contact Us Form.

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